Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

"Thus passes the glory of the world"

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[Even if, I still]

Even if it bears no fruit,
Because that's who I am.
Drowning in ideas and not reality.
That which I think,
Is what becomes me.


Finality, Finally?

"...For a story to end happily, it must end.
And this ending must be final.

- Ganymar (Vefurrin)

It’s been a long time coming,

I’ve seen it from a mile away.

Yet at times I wonder too ;

If this would go on forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

It's been a great ride;

I’m sure everyone would agree

But I’m a little worried;

Maybe it should be continued instead;

Shouldn't this happiness be extended?

Then I remember —

It was meant to end.

I knew from the start;

So even though I’m grieving,

This child of mine will be laid to rest.

Who cares if it’s a dead end?

This is my happy ending.

PS. I've never completed a long fic before. I'd like to try sometime.
PPS. Click on the pic to see where I got it from (flickr)
PPPS. yes it's been a long time since I fic'd something up.
I'm really rusty; it took a disproportionately long time to create this post..
I blame my happy(?kinda?) life at the moment. Constantly preoccupied with eating and being merry.
Exams in a monthish, wish me luck?

to myself that I will post something, anything, later today/early Friday.
There's a lot of unorganized thoughts and sentiments rolling in my head right now.

I think I'm stagnating. Or even regressing.
There seems to have been no growth.

On the other hand I'm really glad I joined dance.
Getting over the feeling of pathetic-ness and idk I feel like ah, I actually managed to complete the chereo(albeit still needs a lot of cleanup).
And TOTs. Forced me to use my so-called 'artistic' skills to do things I don't normally. Hearts and children-friendly images? Not quite my thing isn't it? ^^ (I'm neglecting my art reqs from SS though ORZ)
Boggle is orz. >_>;;
BMS modules are horrid atm but I will preserver!! Because Chinese is beautiful to me.

Hm...what else is there...
Ah, still get teased, but it's gotten lighter cos there's un-official actual couples now. 8D Happy for them, I feel like some mother hen seeing her kids grow up and leave the nest or something XD (I still believe I'm asexual; at this point I'm looking for an intellectual equal more than anything. And someone to hug. Hugs! <3 *random*)

Fiction! There has been no progress! OTL

P-chan's priorities for the next couple of months!
But knowing me sleep probably out-ranks everything lol.
-post will be deleted soon-

.:Oh My Gloomy Salad Days:.

The only chinese drama I've been following of late.
Loving the emo opening song XD
Post was somewhat inspired by it ^_^

Incarnadine flowers, layer upon layer.

Melancholy blooms across my mind.

Incarnadine flowers, layer upon layer.

Melancholy blooms across withered sea.

Edges stalked by chimera

Its dark forms a flickering phantasmagoric reel.


Everything familiar turns strange

I’m out of place

You’re not here anymore.

I never was.

So where – what is this?


Wilted petals cradle my form

Kneeling in blood,

Drowning in air.

But that's alright,

Because it's clearer than ever.

I'll stop breathing now.

The second part -  an extremely summarised version of "I'm not here anymore. Come to think of it, neither were you. You never were."
The sudden change from 1st person to 2nd person did have an interesting effect of

So many edits that I don't even know what's the point of this anymore LOL
Will do better next time, will try >.<
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